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Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities

The Municipality is a vibrant place for the sustained growth and development of small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs), medium to large scale enterprises, in areas such as Estate Development, quarry industry, commerce, Drinks and Beverages industry, Waste Management, Recycling and other businesses are gradually drifting towards Ga West Municipality.

A favorable ground for financial institutions also to devote resources to enhance business and trade. Key areas such as education, health, sanitation and security are worth exploring, a mutual collaboration through PPP is critical to facilitating the development of the entire Municipality.

Waste Management(Solid Waste)

The real estate business is considered one of the best businesses to start in Ga West and there are a variety of reasons to do so. The real estate industry is a major segment to the local economy of Ga West. Apart from that the property tax levied on properties is considerably affordable and does not exceed 1% of the property value. The real estate business environment in Ghana is very open and does not pose any restriction or limitation to foreign ownerships.

An interested investor can enter into this industry through a variety of methods: purchasing real estate, coming in as a building contractor or even acting as a real estate agent if you are familiar with the local market.

Furthermore, this opportunity has room to grow given that there is a lack of modern house decor or renovation on available property for rents.

Most properties are decorated and furnished according to personal taste, presenting investors the option to uplift their properties.

A good sector to grow business in Ga West is in the agriculture industry. The landscape offers fertile soil and very favourable climate and vegetation support given its geographical position, is known to produce high-value agricultural products such as pineapples, Maize, Cassava, Plantain, Mangoes, citrus coconut, oil palm etc.

Additionally, given the Municipality's ideal location, starting an agriculture business will prove beneficial as investors will be able to tap on the established connect hub to reach both Western and Eastern markets and the Northern through to Burkina Faso Markets.

A profitable business that can strive is a food and beverages (F&B) service in the Municipality that specialises in authentic Ghanaian cuisine.

This industry does not require a substantial startup capital coupled with the ease of setting up businesses in Ga West offers great benefits for investors starting F&B businesses.

Those in this sector can take advantage of the vast lands available to build sustainable manufacturing factories.

Investors can take advantage of the strategic positioning of Municipality. Currently RANA MOTORS is putting up a mega Assembly Plant in Sarpeiman a suburb in the Municipality

The sector of tourism and hospitality is an area with loads of future prospects. The Municipality has substantial potential for further tourism development due to its natural beauty, varying topography landscape as well as its rich culture and heritage.

Assembly is partnering with two other Municipal Assemblies to build and develop an Eco-Industrial Park, to be called the Premiere Industrial Park.

Fast growing sector with very huge returns.

The sector is also growing as fast as the plastics and rubber industry within the Municipality.

Premiere National Industrial Park

Industrialisation has been stressed as the key to development by successive governments. Plans are furthering towards the development of an industrial Park called the “Premire National Industrial Park” to be situated within the Municipality.

The intent is to develop the area, create jobs, economic opportunities, increase social development and bring about a sustained urban development within the Municipality.

Key features of the Premiere National Industrial Park

  • In-land Port
  • Hospital
  • Skills Development Center
  • Commercial Center
  • City Wide