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Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration

  • Ordinance Marriage (Cap 27)
    Couples from gazetted churches are registered and given a 21-day notice, which is later given to their ministers at their respective churches for publication. Upon maturity (after the 21 Days’ notice), either of the couples returns for the Registrar’s Certificate. Couples whose churches are not gazetted or couples who want to sign at the Registry of the Assembly are given a date, usually Fridays to come along with their witnesses. A ceremony is performed; couples are made to exchange vows and rings and later append their signatures after which a certificate of marriage is presented to the couples. This is similar to what is normally done in churches.
  • Customary Marriage.
    Customary Marriage certificates are also issued to couples who prefer the customary to the ordinance. Couples are also given 21 Days period after which they are issued out with Marriage Certificate.(Customary Marriage)

The following procedures shall apply to all marriage registration aplications:

Who can apply?

A man and a woman who have consented to marry.

How to Apply

  • Ordinance Marriage;
    Either or both couples to the intended marriage files a notice at the Registry
  • Customary Marriage;
    Either or both couple submits a formal application to the Registrar of Marriages for the purpose of registering the marriage

Processing Procedure

Ordinance Marriage

  • Applicant files Notice of Marriage with the Registry (for 21 days) by providing personal data plus photo identity cards
  • Applicant submits a Statutory Declaration, verifying fulfillment with specified statutory requirements in the Marriages Act, 1884-1985 (CAP 127)
  • The Registrar’s Certificate is issued to the applicant after twenty-one (21) days (in the absence of a caveat/objection)

Thereafter, the Marriage may be celebrated within 3 months from the date of the Notice of Marriage

Customary Marriage

  • Apply to the Registrar of Marriages in the District in which the marriage was celebrated
  • Statutory Declaration by Applicant and parents of the couple
  • Marriage is duly registered

Notice of Registration of the Marriage is published on the Notice Board within Twenty-Eight (28) days from the date of registration.

Acquisition of Road(s) Block Permit

How to apply

Write to the Municipal Urban Roads Director/ Engineer’s office with details of applicant’s name, mailing address, telephone number(s), the name of the road(s) to be blocked and the details of the functions to be performed on the road(s)

Who can apply?

Any family, individual, or registered entity / organization wishing to conduct funeral, wedding, festival and any other occasions within the Ho Municipality.


No Requirement is needed.

Processing Procedures

The applicant is invited to the Urban Roads Department of the Municipal Assembly the following working day after the submission of the request for roadblock permit by telephone call or applicant making himself available for the inspection of the road(s) intended to be blocked or closed.

At the inspection of the site of the intended road(s) to be blocked, the Road Maintenance Engineer and his inspection team decide on the suitability of the intended road(s) to be closed or otherwise.

If the intended road(s) to be blocked is suitable for the occasion, then the Road Maintenance Engineer recommends to the Municipal Urban Roads Director for approval. And if the intended road(s) to be blocked is not suitable for the occasion due to traffic circulation and other traffic management issues in the corridor after the inspection, the application is turned down or rejected.

When the application is approved by the Municipal Urban Roads Director, the applicant is requested to go to the Revenue section of the Ho Municipal Assembly to pay for the number of the approved days within 24 hours.

The applicant submits the receipt to the Road Maintenance Engineer immediately for the issuance of the Road Block Permit within a working day.